Taraba Wheat farmers recount progress, call for increased participation.

Alhaji Salisu Musa Lau on his wheat farm

Taraba Wheat farmers recount progress, call for increased participation.

By Mohammed Tikka

Keying into the project of improving the economy through agriculture, The Taraba state Association of Wheat Farmers are contributing their quota through wheat farming.

The Wheat Farmers Association that has been on board for about 5 years now has officially kick started farming activities.

In an interaction with our correspondents, the Northern Vice Chairman of the Wheat Farmers Association, Alhaji Salisu Musa Lau said the seeds have already been planted and the harvest is quite promising.

“People are not very familiar with wheat farming in this zone and what we are doing now is Introducing them to it through the anchor borrowers program of the Federal Government.

“So far, six Local Governments have been identified for the wheat farming after the soil has been tested by experts from abuja. The Local governments are Lau, Karim, Ibi, Ardo kola, Gassol, Jalingo.
As it stands now, farming activities have already started and we are waiting to see what will happen but everything is going well.

A cross section of the wheat farm

Explaining their mode of operation, the Vice Chairman said, “What we do is, we give the farm inputs to interested farmers. The seeds are brought from abroad. But we have to make sure that you are a real farmer to avoid people collecting the inputs and selling them or diverting it for their own personal purposes. After harvest we value it and take it back to CBN based on what you are given”

Meanwhile, debunking allegations concerning farm inputs been diverted for personal gains, Alhaji Salisu said the accusations were baseless. Giving a clear picture of the scenario, he said,

“What happened is that those local government shoes soil is not suitable for wheat farming. So we have clusters of such farmers. So when the farm inputs like the seeds, pumping machines and fertilizers are given, they are taken in bulk to the locations and that is why some think the inputs are diverted but they are not, they are for those clusters we introduced whose soil is not suitable for the wheat farming” He said.

Salisu called on farmers to key into the program as it promises to be very lucrative. He said that although the program is just starting, the future looks bright.

” I want to tell people that this wheat farming is real. But before we give inputs, you must show us your farm, dig a borehole so that we can be sure that you are actually farming. We are even partnering with Heritage bank so when your information is captured, we ensure that you are who you tell us you are before we can be able to work with you” He stated.


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