Kaka Hall in Jalingo will surely unite our people – Mr. Samson T. Chenor

The President, Kaka Youth Development Association (KAIDA), Mr. Samson T. Chinor

Kaka Hall in Jalingo will surely unite our people – Mr. Samson T. Chenor

Mr. Samson T. Chenor is the President of Kaka Youth Development Association (KYDA). In this interview with Worldview Magazine’s Senior Correspondent, EMMANUEL BONGNWI in Jalingo, he insisted that the over 36 clans in Kaka must have one voice to give peace and development a chance, even as he noted that having a hall in Jalingo would fight the Kaka ‘A’ and ‘B’ virus of disunity, among other things.

Sir, can you share with us what prompted you to come up with the idea of building a befitting Kaka Centre in Jalingo?

Yes. To start with, permit me to let you know that KYDA is a Socio-Cultural organization, registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission to advance a common good for the Kaka people both at home and in the diaspora.

The association has faced a lot of challenges following clashes of activities with other organizations. Most often, we ended up holding our meetings under a tree. So, we kept asking ourselves why we must continue to rent premises for our meetings.

Therefore, we decided that we will build the hall to serve as a unifying factor for the Kaka people; a place we could use to fight the virus of disunity and the Kaka ‘A’ and Kaka ‘B’ syndrome, which has almost engulfed the Kaka community since the advent of democracy in 1999 till date.

Sometimes back in 2018, the Kaka people were faced with so many challenges steming from segregation and division among themselves. But I kept asking; Why the sentiment and misunderstanding among ourselves?

All these questions put together made me to sit down, think and then contact my fellow youth from different communities on the Mambilla plateau.

I first invited three from each community, after a long interaction and cross fertilization of ideas among ourselves, we adjoin for another round table conference.

We examined the situation and asked ourselves, what do we do? We put together ideas and opinions and we agreed that we (the youths) would seat up to our responsibilities.

We said we would not allow the error of our elders to destroy us. That was what brought about this great gathering you are seeing today.

From all indications, the youth have played a very vital role by bringing the elders of the Kaka community together.

Are you fulfilled that today, the Kaka people are gathered together and speaking with one voice?

I am convinced and I strongly believed that the Kaka people today are speaking with one voice.

Over 36 clans from the kaka nation are all represented in this gathering, elders that have never been to a Kaka meeting of this nature are here all to support this event.
This alone is a convincing symbol that the Kaka people are now speaking with one voice. Any form of disagreement or differences that have existed in time past are gone forever. I am assuring you that we shall never see these things again.

What are your future plans?

My future plan is to bring the youths together and disabuse their minds towards anything that has caused us all the set backs.

The next thing is to ensure that our youths get involved in politics, attend higher educational pursuit, self-reliance activities and other profiting activities in order to bring development to the good people of our communities in particular and the entire Taraba State as a whole.

Can you tell us about some of your challenges?

In whatsoever you do, there most be some challenges. First and foremost, our greatest challenge right now is capital and power.

When you are in power you change things around your life and your community.
The capital challenge to run this organization is based on the fact that most of my members are youth and are unemployed.

Well trained graduates but they are unemployed. I would love them to be empowered so that they can change things and make things happen for this community. These are the challenges we are facing.

What legacy will you want to leave for the next administration that will be taking over from you?

I intend to hand over by way of our physical handwork for the next person to come and see the road map that my executives and I have laid.

The administration can take over from where we stopped. It is not a verbal record, it is one with structures on ground. We believe that is a remarkable means to which the next person will come and take over.
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