Dr. Kefas Thomas Bwesiwae a Medical Doctor, one the of the world’s most elitist professions. Yet, he did not let go of his inbuilt passion for entertainment industry, talents hunt and building capacity for the youths of his generation. He hails from Ussa LGA of Taraba State.

Our reporters, who visited him in his office at the Federal Medical Centre, asked him to speak about his career path and his love with the entertainment industry, especially as it relates to Kaymoni Entertainment and Love Links international. And Dr. Bwesiwae agreed to do so.

“The whole idea of Love Links International” as Bwesiwae explains, “was born from my honey moon. I and wife got talking and we decided to come up with a business name and that was how Love Link International was born. Growing up it has become a reference point to virtually everything we do, charity work, entertainment wise, ministry wise, everything, Love links international itself is not a label per se, it is a business name.
“Recently when I got in touch with certain young men, I decided to come up with a branch of the business into entertainment and that’s how the Lovelinks Record Label came on board.

Along the line, when I was called into
ministry, I decided to separate the people I work with, those doing secular music and those doing gospel. We separated them is such a way that the love links worship crew which is the arm of the Love Link International is strictly gospel based, while the Kaymoni Entertainment was for the secular artists that still intend to pursue music in the arena. But it’s my hope that Kaymoni Entertainment will be crushed into love links worship crew. We harness talents from the grass roots not just already made people.” He told our reporters.

But how does he manages self as a father, medical doctor, a husband and CEO of love links international? “Being a doctor is mostly about giving out and when one wants something, he makes out time for it. I also thank God for the supportive partner I have, she’s helping me manage the worship arm of the Lovelinks International. For the Kaymoni Entertainment, I have people helping me. Buhari Aliyu, the CEO of Rilshots actually coordinates that and of course my adopted son, MC Klaus who is coordinating the comedy and drama aspect of Lovelinks International. What I do is, I supervise and input knowledge when necessary.” He said.

But what are the criteria of signing someone under this record label? “Love Links, Kaymoni Entertainment is open to every talented person. But for acceptance, we must see that you definitely have a gift, you are dedicated to it, and you have the drive and desire for excellence. When that is absent, you will not be signed under Love Links. Lovelinks International, record label, franchise is not about money making, it is about capacity building. When one has capacity, along the line the finances will come.”

There is no doubt that Dr. Bwesiwae is driving the vision of Love Links International to the coast of his aspirations, but not without challenges.
“The challenges is that most young men are motivated towards been popular than been famous. I try to make people see that when you are good at something you become famous but it’s difficult because most of them don’t live beyond their next meal. They are in a rush. The obsession for “ah don blow” does not allow them to desire the growing processes. They all want to wake up tomorrow to be whiz kids and Davido. We have gifted people trying to look for a source of their meal and not trying to be the source.
“I don’t think I have achieved yet, I haven’t reached where we intend to reach yet. But when I look at the talents I work with, I see that we have made significant progress. We have a team of instrumentalists, producers, worshippers, everything now is a process.” He said.

On the talents that are abound in the state, Dr Bwesiwae advised that entertainers should position themselves to attract government sponsorship.
“If young men will come together as entertainers, and do something incredible, the government will look for us. But when the government hears about the entertainment industry what they hear is fighting, cultism, thuggery. As much as I want to blame government I have to hold the entertainers responsible.” He stated.


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