Taraba Govt set to distribute first unit of tractors to farmers.


Taraba Govt set to distribute first unit of tractors to farmers.

By Mohammed Tikka

The government of Taraba State is set to distribute 100 compaq tractors and 750 mini tractors to farmers for this year’s farming season.

The commissioner of Agriculture and Food security in the state, Professor Nicholas Oliver Namessan, announced this on Thursday while briefing journalists in Jalingo the state capital.

Taraba State Commissioner for Agriculture and Food Security, Prof. Nicholas Namessan addressing news men in Jalingo.

Prof. Nicholas said the government of Taraba State under the leadership of His Excellency Dr.Agbu Kefas, has received the first batch of the supply which comprised 20 compaq tractors and 250 mini tractors with complete implements, such as trailers and plough.

He said they have trained more than 60 engineers, who in return will train others in both maintenance and repairs.

” Yes we have received the first batch of 20 compaq tractors and 250 mini tractors, which is the small tractors that you can see there and already we are coupling them, they came in their cartons and we need to couple them.

“For the past two months we have been in the business of training 60 engineers which are mostly from the state, that are well taught by our Ghanaian counterparts. I will say for us in Taraba State, it is a big feat to kick start the farming season with brand new tractors” he said.

The Commissioner also stated that the unveiling of the new tractors was in fulfilment of the promise the governor has made, and he assured Tarabans that the items will reach everywhere in the state.

“Let me assure the state on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, that this season, these tractors will go round and touch every genuine farmer so that we can boost agricultural activities and guarantee food security in line with Dr. Kefas administration’s policy on agriculture”.

Prof. Nicholas, said their administration’s approach is different from the previous government because Governor Kefas has already developed a template and they are going to use the template to distribute the items.

“If you can recall, some numbers of days or weeks ago there was a farmer’s enrollment program that happened in the local government areas, we are going to use these people at the local governments to ensure we do the needful. It is not going to be business as usual, I assure you that government is going to give our farmers these tractors accordingly. Also note that their capacities can do 4 – 5 hectres per day”.

Professor Namessan, however, said the administration of Governor Agbu Kefas considered farmers as people that need support and the tractors were not going to be given free but would go on subsidized rate, which the farmers can afford.

The Commissioner thanked Dr. Agbu Kefas, for keeping his promise in making agricultural implements accessible to the farming communities in the state.

He assured the government that his ministry would also put monitoring mechanisms to ensure judicious use of the equipment.


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