By Christiana Babayo

With respect to the forth coming Mr and Miss Yandang beauty pageant, the RNB entertainment team on Sunday carried out auditions for the contestants of the crown at suite 11, Jalingo.

Present at the auditions were members of the audition team, the special guest, Hon Barau Banti Nyaku, the President of the Yandang Youth Development Congress(YYDC) and a few invited guests as it was observed in the spirit of social distancing.

During the auditions, the 18 contestants were given three minutes each to answer the questions asked accordingly,explain why each of them should be crowned and what they can bring to the table to promote the Yandang community world wide.

Speaking during the auditions, the MD of the RNB entertainment team welcomed the invited guests and gave outlines and criteria whlith which the constestansts will be judged.
Introduction, appearance, boldness and
were some of the criteria mentioned.

Our correspondent who was there reports that the audition was a success and the contestants are set for the main event coming up in December.

The special Guest, Hon Barau Banti Nyaku on his part encouraged the contestants to adorn themselves with good virtues and bring out the best in them so as to promote the Yandang culture.

Drawing from his wealth of wisdom, the Honorable charged the constestants to have the spirit of Malala Yousafze, the Pakistani female education activist and youngest Noble Laureate.
“You all need to develop the spirit of resilience, courage and determination so that you can stand for what is right, come what may, just like Malala Yousafze. That’s the kind of person you need to have as a mentor” he advised.

One of the judges who doubles as the chairman of the audition committee, Daddy Hassan Yori acknowledged the efforts of the contestants and encouraged them to do more during the main event.

In his words, “we thank God for success of this program, the contestants adhered strictly to instructions and time although there are some lapses but they really did their best. Working as a principal judge and chairman of the committee I will score them nine despite the fact that they are still packing in some aspects. We are hoping to see their best in the grand finale”

The President of the Yandang Youth Development Congress(YYDC) Dr David Joel Charima on his part admonished the contestants to imbibe royal behaviors even before emerging as winners.
“When speaking avoid saying ‘if I win’ as it passes a message of uncertainty, rather, use “when I win” to show you are confident and positive. Stop second guessing, come with a mindset that you know what you are doing. But by and large, I have seen progress, courage and resilience in action” he said.

In an interview with our correspondent, the Managing Director, Mr Amos Likita , applauded the performance of the contestants and explained that the main aim of the audition is to ascertain the intellectual capacity,abilities and weakness of the contestants so that it will help them to know what resource persons to bring during the camping experience.
“They did more than we expected and we have taken notes of the lapses which we will work. You see that it’s an indoor audition to just prepare them for the grand finale” he said.

The MD also revealed that there will be camping activities before the main event.
“we want to do this in a standard way and something out of the ordinary. So we are prepared and still preparing for the main thing. There will be Ancestral sites tour, visits to IDP camps, community service and more” he said

New Mission gathered that the first priority of the event is promoting the Yandang culture and the main occasion proposed for December promises to be great and graced with the presence of great dignarities and heart warming performances.


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