Taraba: Lawyer urges constituents to resist deceits in the search for who replaces Maihanchi

Barr. Bilyaminu Maihanchi

Taraba: Lawyer urges constituents to resist deceits in the search for who replaces Maihanchi

Jethro Yerga, Jalingo

As the bye-election for the Federal House of Representatives Seat of Jalingo, Yorro, Zing draws nearer, a famous Taraba State Human Right Lawyer, Barr.Bilyaminu Maihanchi has urged people of the constituency to resist any deceit in their search for who replaces Hon. Ismaila who died after he was declared winner of the National Assembly seat.

Barr. Bilyaminu, a member of the late Hon. Maihanchi’s family whom the people of the Constituency are tipping for the position at the bye election, gave the words of encouragement during an exclusive interview with journalists in Jalingo.

He stated that political parties were at the moment, searching for a saleable candidate to replaced his late brother but only a careful and critical examination of their track records and general acceptance that would guaranteed victory for any of the political parties partaking in the bye election.

“Since the demise of my brother, Hon Ismaila Maihanchi, there has been various permutations by political analyst regarding who should replace him. Some said the position should be given to his brothers but some are insisting that it should be given to one of our late brother’s political associate.

“To me, I want to advise that any political party that wants to win the election should not be assessing contestants base on those unecessary factors of “God fatherism” and connection to the persons in power. Though all these are important, but people and political parties should also be considering someone who is generally accepted across the various tribes that made up the constituency. They should not be deceived by other factors otherwise, the result of the bye election will surprised them”. He added.

Ask weather he was also interested for the seat, Barrister Bilyaminu Maihanch said he initially, did not have any intention to contest at the election but his people had been calling him to also join the race and so he had already embarked on wide consultations and would declared his position in no distant time.

“My people and various political parties are saying that I am the most suitable candidate that can easily be accepted across all the tribes in the Constituency because I have friends across board. Am more popular across the tribes than all the contestants and as a Barrister, I have touched so many lives.

“They are of the opinion that if am featured in the race, the political party I will be featured would work only 25 percent because the rest of the work has been done by the way I live my life in the area. I had also contested for elections in the area previously and they saw the votes I polled, so they are convinced beyond every reasonable doubt that I can gain victory and also deliver effectively if I join the race”. He narrated.

Bilyaminu disclosed that if he was given the mandate to represent his people at the National Assembly, he would ensure that justice prevail across the constituency.

He said he would assemble group of capable and dedicated young men whom he would work assiduously with them to draw dividends of democracy to the door steps of the people of his constituency.

The lawyer further advised those contesting at the bye election to remain peaceful, show love for one another and operate withing the ambit of the law, adding that God in his infinite wisdom had already appointed the right person who would replace his late brother at the National Assembly.

While expressing his grief over the demise of his brother, Barr Bilyaminu described the death as shocking and too sudden. He however, stated that Late Hon. Ismaila Maihanchi had left behind indelible footprints through his generousity and the detribalize way of life he lived in the state and prayed that who ever repkaced him, should also be accessible and a solution provider like his late brother.


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