Stampede at markets,ATMs as Taraba eases lockdown


Stampede at markets,ATMs as Taraba eases lockdown.
​The Executive Governor of Taraba State, Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku has in his magnanimity relaxed the lock down in the state on Wednesdays and Saturdays to enable citizens access essential services and restock their homes during the lockdown.
However, there are matters arising from this lockdown ease as the issue of social distancing in markets and ATM stands are no longer applicable.
Our correspondent visited some banks within the city as well as the market and it was an eye sore. The crowd in these places are overwhelming that one would think people are not properly informed.
Speaking with some customers at the Atm stand, our correspondent reports that citizens have expressed their sadness over the pandemic anf how it has affected their lives. Miss Endurance who was at the bank since 8 this morning said “the queue has not been moving since i camehere and when i arrived i thought some peopls even slept here for them to be here this early”
Mr Victor also lamented about the queues and expressed fears over the non adherence to social distancing. “If it is ppssible,i think the banks should make provision for deposit outside the premises as well since they dont want a crowd inside so as to reduce the overflow of customers outside the premises”
In a related development, it has been reported that last week that a life was lost in the market due to the overflow of crowd and lack of ventilation. Miss Charity said the victim was a child backed by the mother. This news is quite disheartening. The hussling and buzzling of people in the market can be seen even from a good distance from the market itself. The hold up on the high ways and the stampede is also very disturbing.
We gathered that there is an alarming increase in the price of things in the market and so people prefer buying from the main market where they have customers,hence the stampede.
It can also be recalled that earlier this week,the NCDC announced 6 index cases of the corona virus here in the state and subsequently,two more casss were recorded making the total number eight. All eight persons are travellers from states with records of the covid 19 that were intercepted at the state border and taken into isolation.
This is a sign for individuals to be more responsive to the instructions given by the government so that the virus does not spread to others. Complaints and grumbling at this moment will take us no where. If this was war,no one will ask anyone to stay at home. We will all remain at home and pray we live to eat again and also go back to our businesses. This is also a war against COVID 19. Lets us all do well to stay at home and stay safe as instructed.
The Governor has however assured Tarabans that the situation is under control but it also falls in the responsibility of citizens to obey the instructions put in place in order to curtail the spread of this virus.


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