Barr Jime Yongo


By Joseph Ternongo, Jalingo

A Taraba State based legal practitioner and PDP stalwart; Barrister Jime Yongo has called on losers of Taraba State Governorship election that returned Lt. Col. Agbu Kefas as Governor-elect, to embrace spirit of sportsmanship, by sheathing their swords and embracing the person that God has chosen.

Barrister Jime Yongo was answering questions from Journalists in Wukari town, soon after INEC’s declaration of Lt. Col. Agbu Kefas  rtd, of the PDP,  as Taraba State Governor elect.

The legal practitioner and politician, who hails from Sev-Av,  Mbawar in Kente Ward of Wukari Local Government Area of Taraba State told Journalists that, going back to the drawing board, putting the past behind and filling the mindsets with more progressive ideas that will attract development to the state, is the best way to go.

‘The time for campaign and contest is over.  With the blessing of God, the people of Taraba State have spoken.  The leader has emerged.  The time of politicking is over.  We are now in a new phase in the political history of our state, where the need has arisen, for all Tarabans to team up and work together for the common good of the state. Therefore, the time for throwing stones at each other is gone.  This is the time to show solidarity.

‘That is why I’m calling on other candidates that contested with the Governor- elect  to come forward and embrace the governor-elect, not just to save face or fulfil righteousness, but for sincerity of purpose. We cannot all be leaders at the same time. Today, God has given us a leader, a leader with the capacity to steer the ship of our common aspirations to the coast of reality.’ He stated.

Barr. Jime Yongo, who is also the Special Adviser to the Governor of Taraba State extols the leadership values and potentials of the Governor elect, even as he insists that the   he is the best thing that has happened to the state. He commended the Taraba State electorate for what he described as a wise decision, in voting Agbu Kefas for the Governorship position.

Lt. Col. Agbu Kefas, during his campaign time

‘I said it earlier, and I’m saying it again, that Lt. Col. Agbu Kefas is the best governorship material. Here is a man that has a rich leadership antecedent, especially in resolving disputes and calming restive and warring communities in the Niger Delta region and bringing them together. Based on my experience, as a victim of a prolonged and devastating ethnic conflict, such a profile excites me.

‘On a larger note, the stability of our Southern Senatorial zone in particular and the state in general, is key to our development and well being of our generation yet unborn.  We need a leader that will drive this ambition to the podium of reality, and Agbu Kefas, based on his antecedent, is eminently qualified to do this.’ He added.

While congratulating Agbu Kefas on the well-deserved victory, the Taraba State born Lawyer promised that, his people, the entire community of Mbawar, will continue to throw their wealth behind the Governor-elect, throughout the expected eventful tenure of his administration.


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