Don’t be cynical in the pursuit of your career, SAN tells underprivileged

Hon. Yusufu Nya Akirikwen, SAN

By Jethro Yerga, Jalingo

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Yusufu Nya Akirikwen has charged children from less privileged families not to be cynical in the pursuit of their careers and dreams but always be upright anywhere they find themselves.

The Nigeria Senior Advocate who was fielding answers to questions during a media interaction with Taraba Newmission in his office last Monday expressed disappointment in the way the less privileged children behave nowadays.

Using himself as an example, the legal luminary stated that nobody or situation can stop any one from attaining his destiny if he or she constantly reminds himself of where he or she comes from and determine to change the narrative.

“I was not born with a silver spoon. I learnt English under a tree. My father never bought a bicycle. I recalled when I was in Law School, where the government was giving us subvention. I would asked myself that if the government ceased giving us the subvention and I did not pass, where will I still see money to go to school looking at my background? These things shaped my life. I fought as if there was no tomorrow to get myself through my educational pursuit.” He said.

The Senior Advocate stated that he was disappointed in the fact that most of the naughty students that sometimes carry knives to schools are children from less privileged families.

He charged parents who feel they are down trodden to always seat their children down and encourage them to disassociate themselves from the recent trends in the country where some leaders are encouraging the youth especially the headers to move about with guns in the name of defending themselves.

He maintained that those who are supporting such ideas have none of their children living in this country, let alone allow them to be moving about with the guns in the bush.

The legal luminary also assured the less privileged parents that they can change the narrative of their family situations if only they could inculcate discipline and moral standards in their families.


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