Home Feature COVID-19 has not entered your books, Dr Lucas tells students.

COVID-19 has not entered your books, Dr Lucas tells students.


Covid 19 has not entered your books, Dr Lucas tells students.
The Registrar of Taraba State University, Dr Joseph M Lucas has advised students to continue to study even in this lockdown, buttressing that the COVID-19 has not affected their books just yet.

The Registrar said this while speaking with our correspondent in the University.

The Don made it clear that the lock down was for the greater good of everyone in the academia, stating that we all need to stay alive so that when all is done, we can go back to school and continue learning and other academic activities.
“First of all you have to be healthy to be able to attend lectures or academic activities and so this is a pandemic that has swept across the whole world, naturally it is appropriate for management, communities and institutions to be proactive to preserve the future. Management deemed it fit to send the students home and that is government directive too. Normally we have convergence, but when we talk about social distance, when you have students going round then, it will be counterproductive. Hence we must ask them to stay at home and see what the situation will be and maybe develop strategies that by the time they come back they will be healthy and be able to attend to their studies…
” I think it is safer and better for the students to be away until there is a practical solution. We all have to make this sacrifice, they may be restless but they have to understand that it is for their own good” he said.

Speaking on the modalities set to help students remain glued to their books, the Dr said some institutions engage their students in online classes, but it will be difficult to engage everyone in online classes because certain factors pose threats to the process.Steady power supply for instance.But there are some lecturers who are doing their best by engaging students in the online classes.
He however advised that students should study on their own while they are at home and if by chance, a group of students happen to find themselves in the same location, there’s no harm in forming a group study. It will help them catch up with their academics.

The Don further said that:“many things will come out of this COVID-19 experience because there’s going to be changes in the social dynamics, there will be difference in the way we do business, learning and other activities.”

He advised students of the university to stay glued to their books because once school resumes activities will kick start from where it stopped, which means exams will be at the corner. He also pleaded with both students and staff to stay safe and also wash their hands regularly.

“ I want to tell you that the most important thing is to stay alive, we have an increasing number in the people who are affected so in that regards, we shall ask students to stay healthy, stay safe, and stay alive. The family, community and everybody needs them alive and healthy not when they are on the other side” he said.

By Christiana Babayo



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