By Christiana Babayo

The recent ward congresses of the APC in the country has provoked the political consciousness of the people of Taraba State, as the debate on who is better qualified to take over from Governor Darius Ishaku in the emerging political timeline has become a serious topic for public discourse.

Although, there are variations and preferences based on the peoples’ ideological and political bends, some names are already on the front burner of public discourse and choice.

One of such names, featuring prominently is that of the Wukari born technocrat, philanthropist and business mogul, Chief David Sabo Kente, alias, DSK.

Chief DSK who hails from Wukari LGA of Taraba State is Chairman, Education Endowment Funds North East Development Commission, a two time contestant of the number one seat in the state.

If Chief Kente’s name is stuck on the lips of Tarabans as a possible replacement for Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku, the reasons are obvious. This is the man that has traversed many areas of human endeavors, understood the struggles of humanity and has demonstrated in many ways that he has what it takes to provide the quality of leadership that the people of Taraba State deserve. His foundation has taken out a lot of people from the dungeon of economic retardation, just as it is providing employment to the unemployed youths in the state and beyond.

Some of the people, who spoke with our reporter said, Chief Kente’s love for humanity, humility and trail-brazing disposition in human capital development has endeared him to their hearts.

A Jalingo resident, Habu Suleiman, who frowned at the current state of things in the state, told this reporter that the need for change cannot be overemphasized.

According to him, “With the way things are going, I am just praying that we make it out of this tenure in one piece. But come 2023, I believe that Chief DSK will make it and turn our fortunes around”. He stated.

Rosemary Mark, from the southern Taraba described David Sabo Kente as the humanitarian leader, adding that, the only reason she is looking forward to the general elections is because a candidate she believes in, Chief DSK is aspiring to take the mantle of leadership in the state.
Victor Danladi, another Jalingo resident, concurs with her.
“There is something about that man that gives me hope for all of us. If you haven’t been impacted by DSK’s benevolence, someone close to you has and I say without reservations that there are many whose livelihood depends on that man. All we want is a leader that will put our interests first,” He noted.

It is not only individuals that are giving kudos to Chief Kente’s humanitarian activities and leadership potentials.

Not long ago, Worldview Magazine, a reputable media organization, has draped the Wukari born Prince with an Award on humanitarian services to the state in particular and the country at large.

Presenting the award, Mr. Williams Ayooso the Editor in Chief of the Worldview Magazine, described Kente’s humanitarian strides as an endeavor that has rescued many from the abyss of economic retardation.

“As we are celebrating Kente’s humanitarian services, others are celebrating his entrepreneurial drive that is generating employment within and outside Nigeria. He is not only a philanthropist but a principled politician and a technocrat” he said.

While Worldview Magazine was making its presentation, the General Studies Unit of the Kwararafa University was warming up with its own presentation. In his presentation, the head of the unit, Mr Jacob Sesugh Angahar, rolled out the support and intervention measures that Chief Kente has provided to the University, particularly in the General Studies Unit. He stated that the award was not only a signpost of appreciating his humanitarian and capacity building gestures to the University and larger community, but a pillar of recognition and profile of integrity.

However, a heartwarming co-incidence took place. The award of Most Outstanding Philanthropist presented of the Year” presented by the General Studies Department of the Kwararafa University, bore same tittle with the one that Worldview had earlier presented. One would think the awards were planned at the same time, but the irony remains that neither parties consulted each other before the awards were given.

The coincidence did not only give credence and credibility to the award, but it has also proven the popular perception of the Chief’s humanitarian services to the community.

Chief Kente, in his usual style, pledged to support Kwararafa University, through his personal efforts as well as recommending it to North East Development Commission, so that they too can benefit from the several intervention projects that are outlined by the Commission.

Many people in Taraba State believe that Chief David Sabo Kente has so much to offer, if given the mandate in 2023, hence, their desire and resilient efforts to see that this has come to pass.


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