DSK celebrates Taraba @30, calls for self examination.


DSK celebrates Taraba @30, calls for self examination.

By Christiana Babayo

Chief David Sabo Kente has called on Tarabans to look inwards and embark on self examination even as Taraba clocks 30 since the state was created in 1992.

Kente who spoke to our correspondent on Friday said the last 30 years has been full of both the good and the not-so-great things, yet the state still thrives to this moment.

Taraba state according to him didn’t get the motto “nature’s gift to the nation” by accident as it is a state blessed with human and natural resources that every state needs to survive and thrive.

Been a prominent figure in the state and having observed the state become what it is today, Kente pointed that as much as the state has been endowed with these resources, this anniversary is a time for all to look back, from the leaders to the led.

“For the past 30 years, Taraba state has continued to thrive in spite of the very many challenges faced over the course of time. Taraba is a blessed state with all it needs to succeed but over the course of time, I would say that the resources have been under utilised.

“In times like this, we must ask ourselves, what we have achieved in the last 30 years. As the years go by are we moving forward, or are we taking two steps forward and three backwards? Have our leaders been doing right by us? Our next steps should depend on our answers to these questions.” He told our reporter.

Kente said for him, if it interests God to so bless Taraba with virtually all the natural resources required to build even a whole nation complete, with world class facilities and guarantee wealth creation for its citizens, it can only be so because God Himself in the beginning has chosen to make Taraba a blessed State amidst other states.

He added that he believes God created us together with the abundance of resources to recreate our own world, therefore, taking our destinies into our own hands is a course that we must see to be non-negotiable.

David Sabo Kente who equally expressed thanks to God for his faithfulness over the years also prayed for God’s guidance and leadership in the coming years.

” We thank God for all he has been doing for us over the years. We also thank God for where we are and where he is taking us to. It is my earnest prayer that
Taraba will continue to thrive and get better with age just like fine wine.”, He prayed.

As a philanthropist and a person of the people he is known to be, Kente did not forget to remind Tarabans of the importance of reaching out to those in need, extending kindness, love and goodwill.

“Let us therefore remember to always extend grace one to another. Of what gain is it that you have plenty in the midst of those who have nothing?” He asked.

As a man with social visibility that cuts across the different zones, speaking on the ways forward and how to improve and revive the state from the economic and security challenges faced,
Chief Kente maintained that injustice and unfairness have continued to foster division amongst the people.

“The disunity and security challenges the state has been facing has bedeviled even the economy and growth of Tarabans. Of course no state can thrive when there is no relative peace and serenity for businesses and other activities to thrive”, He said.

He however advised that there is no better solution to conflict that been fair to everybody and giving people what they are entitled to. “Give Caesar what belongs to Caesar”, he said.

The Chief also maintained that at the end of the day, Tarabans have the responsibility of changing the narrative this time around, they just need to look inwards and make the right decisions for the betterment of the state while advising them to always go with the rugged and not the most loved as only the rugged people make things happen because they are not afraid to try.


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