Taraba: PRP candidate, Husseini vows to tame poverty, secure Constituency


Taraba: PRP candidate, Husseini vows to tame poverty, secure Constituency

From Mohammed Tikka

The candide of the people’s Redemption Party for the House of Representatives Seat of Lau, Ardo Kola and Karim Lamido Federal Constituency of Taraba State in the 2023 general elections, Hon. Husseini Garba Maisukwati has vowed that he would completely tame down the vicious circle of poverty and also tackle insecurity in the constituency if given the mandate in 2023.

Hon. Husseini made this vow while interacting with journalists in Jalingo, the Taraba State Capital.

He stated that Taraba State which used to be more of a peaceful and united home, had now been thrown into abyss by selfish and careless leaders who do not mean well for the good people of Taraba State, thus living the people impoverish and in persistent crises in his constituency and other parts of the state.

He said when elected in the 2023 election, he would role out his already mapped strategies and build a fortified relationship with security agencies to stop the reckless killings in the constituency in order to give way for development to thrive.

“There are basically five issues that are at the burner of of our hearts as we are preparing to take over the seat of the House of Representatives of Lau, Ardokola and Karim Lamido. We aim at tackling insecurity, we aim at creating job opportunities for the teeming youth of the constituency and esterblished standard rural road network to enable our farmers conveniently market their farm produce.

“We will transform educational system of our area, create an enabling environment for farmers to produce bumper harvest at all times and above all, we will ensure that we completely transformed the health facilities in the area to improve the well being of our people.

The PRP Candidate for House of Reps. Lau Ardo-Kola and Karim Lamido, Taraba State, for the 2023 general elections, Hon. Husseini Garba Maisukwati

“We are in serious pains as a result of the misrule of some of our leaders and as am talking to you, our people are confident that am the only candidate that can wipe away their tears”. He stated.

While harping on the level of his party’s preparedness for campaigns and elections, Hon. Husseini said the party had dot its ais and cross its Tis and is ready to move on with campaign to sensitized the people on the need to vote them into power.

“We have our campaign vehicles ready. We have given appointments to competent and well experience political demagogues as coordinators. They have already assumed their responsibilities. We are going to oust all the non performing politicians in the zone comes 2023”. He assured.

Hon. Husseini further applauded the level of unity and understanding that is existing within the People’s Redemption Party both within the state and the entire country, pointing out that the two political parties that call themselves “Big Parties” are stocked in unresolvable crises, thus paving way for an effortless victory of his party for all the elective positions in 2023.

He encouraged his supporters and the entire members of PRP withing and outside the state to shun all forms of intimidation and go out en mass and vote for him and all other candidates of the party, maintaining that the new electoral law would surprise some “stomach infrastructural politicians” who had selfishly destroyed the state and are thinking that elective positions are their inheritance.


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