Distinguished Senator Emmanuel Bwacha


By Christiana Babayo

The Deputy Senate Minority Leader and Senator representing Southern Taraba, Distinguished Senator Emmanuel Bwacha has said that insecurity is gradually pushing Nigeria unto the threshold of anarchy.

The Senator has consequently called for a moment of sober reflection for Nigerians in order to attract God’s intervention in the horrible situation.

Interacting with journalists in his residence in Jalingo last Saturday, the Senator maintained that Nigerians must look inwards for a solution to the problem of the country.
“The country is in a state of fear and we are sliding gradually into anarchy. The northeast is known to be boiling and it has reached a boiling point. It is taking a toll on other parts of the country”.

The Deputy Senate Minority Leader however noted that all hope is not lost because the God we serve has hands and ears that are not too short to reach out.

While emphasizing the need to look inwards, the Senator maintained that some of these things have spiritual undertones and Nigerians must look inwards and be sober at the moment in order to find a solution to the horrible situation.

Commenting further on the level of insecurity consuming the Southern Taraba, his Senatorial Zone like a wild fire, the lawmaker advocated for dialogue as the best option maintaining that as it stands, the two State Governors of Taraba and Benue must work hard to ensure that peace returns, especially that it is their primary responsibility as chief security officers of their states.

In his words “As you are aware this is the worst we have had since the creation of this state. It has never been this bad, the inter communal crisis has taken very terrible dimension, unprecedented in the annals of history, we are praying and trusting God that the two Governors will work together so that they can bring the situation to a halt otherwise, life is becoming so difficult for the people”.

Bwacha also congratulated the workers on the May Day celebration. He encouraged them to always embrace dialogue especially as it concerns the issue of the new thirty thousand naira minimum wage and sympathized with them on the various challenges they are passing through even as he prayed that the situation would improve despite the danger that he said was eminent ahead.

“I want to encourage Nigerian workers not to be discouraged. The tool of their struggle should be premised on dialogue. It is where it fails that they can resort to options that will drive home their goal”. He encouraged.

Commenting on the General elections come 2023, Senator Bwacha affirmed that as much as he is an advocate of zoning, competence would remain the watchword.
He emphasized that the interest of the citizens would be put first before any other thing as it is the joy of every leader to see his people happy.

The Senator believes that the seat would always go to whomever God wants because it is Him who gives the mandate.

“The position of governor will go to whichever zone that pleases God because the whole matter lies in His hands. But for us in the south, we are wishing to have the slot since we waited for so long and it ended with us. However, we will never again leave the state in the hands of entrepreneurs or people who are not conversant with the system and terrain of the state.” He emphasized.

The lawmaker encouraged Tarabans to remain steadfast and trust God in these difficult times praying that the Lord should grant leaders wisdom, understanding, and knowledge to understand the times like the children of Issachar so that they would know exactly what to do.


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