Insecurity: Kutebs blame serial attacks on lukewarm attitude of Taraba Government


Insecurity: Kutebs blame serial attacks on lukewarm attitude of Taraba Government

Jethro Yerga, Jalingo

The Kuteb People of Taraba State have attributed the incessant and serial attacks on their communities which have claimed several lives, to the lukewarm attitude of Taraba State Government towards resolving issues that ignite the crisis between Fulani herdsmen and Kuteb farmers in the area.

Addressing a World Press Conference in Jalingo the Taraba State capital city, the President of the Socio Cultural Association of the people, Kuteb YATGSO of Nigeria (KYN), Mr Emmanuel Ukwen who spoke on behalf of the association, revealed that peace was earlier brokered between the Fulani herdsmen and farmers in the area late last year where a 14 point resolution was reached and signed.

He however, lamented that the committees set up in Takum, Ussa and Yangtu Development Area to implement the decisions reached between the waring communities could not complete its assignment owing to alleged inability of the State Government to provide the needed fund for the implementation committees to complete their assignments.

“This failure of government gave rise to enemies of progress to renew the attacks which we are facing today. What baffles us is that, the peace brokered between Kuteb farmers and the Fulani herdsmen then became an onslaguht by bandits.

“Thousands of people have been displaced from their ancestral homes, school activities have stopped and there is no free movement of people in the affected areas over a year and the State government has neither visited the people to sympathize with them nor provided IDP Camps and relief materials to cushion their hardships. this is indeed worrisome.

” We want the whole world to know that about 8000 of Kuteb people are farmers and with the current wave of attacks, if care is not taken to stop the conflict, farming activities may be grounded and famine will be inevitable in Takum, Ussa, and Yangtu areas”. He added.

The president who alleged that the ceaseless killings in the areas has political undertones, called on Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku to do more and protect lives and properties irrespective of ethnic or religious affiliation as enshrines in the constitution of Nigeria.

He also appealed to the necessary authorities to investigate and tell the world, the sponsors of the merciless bandits who had continue to kill innocent citizens in Takum and Ussa Local Government Area as well as Yangtu Development Area.

Harping on other challenges facing the Kuteb Nation, the association drew the attention of the National Population Commission to the predicament faced by the displaced Kuteb people and appealed to the commission to look into the situation and find a way to ensure that the Kuteb affected communities were not left out during the house numbering and headcount.

He pointed out that there was a Social Media report on the secret plans by the State Government to install a Non-Kuteb as Chief of Takum before the expiration of the present administration and a proposed plan to cancel Yangtu Special Development Area and officially merged the affected communities of Kwambai, Jenuwa and Bika to Ussa LGA against the wishes of the people whom he said have preferred to be in Takum LGA and vowed that, the Kutebs would reject, resist and opposed any form of injustice against them.

“We want to reiterate that the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria gives the people of Yangtu the right to choose where to belong. Therefore, we will not reject or oppose the idea of scrapping the Development Area but to merge the people with Ussa will be resisted, rejected and opposed except they are merged with Takum LGA.

” This is the peoples constitutional right. The present administration in the state should not create problems for the incoming administration at this critical period because already the state has dozens of problems awaiting the incoming administration and on the issue of Ukwe Takum stool, the Kuteb people will not succumb to any form of manipulation on appointment to the throne which does not follow the already existing Kuteb Native Laws and customs.

“Just as Chamba Native Llaws and customs were followed in the case of Gara Donga and Wapan Native Laws and Custom was religiously followed in the case of Aku Uka, government should not disrespect the Kutebs because of any reason.

”It should be noted that the beginning of a journey does not matter but how well one ends it. History is not written just for knowledge alone but for lessons to be learnt either positively or negatively depending on which side one chooses to follow”. He stated.

The Kuteb YATGSO, further sympathized with families who had lost their love ones and properties as a result of the crisis and appreciated the efforts of security Agencies who stick out their neck in defense of the Kuteb land despite the challenges facing them, even as they urged them to continue with the good efforts.

It congratulated Col. Agbu Kefas (Rtd) for his victory at the just concluded gubernatorial election in Taraba State and urged him to reunite, redirect and reintegrate the state for development to thrive


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