Insecurity: group calls for more proactive security measures for schools in Taraba


Insecurity: group calls for more proactive security measures for schools in Taraba

By Worldview magazine.

The Dephee Peace and Community Development Initiative (DPCDI), has called for more proactive security measures to be taken at both public and private schools as schools resume for the new academic year.

Mr Bulus Audu Daniel, executive director DPCDI made the call in Jalingo on Friday while interacting with pressmen.

He said that the organization was concerned about the prevailing and deteriorating security situation in the country and was particularly concerned about the wellbeing of students since they are considered soft targets.

Daniel noted that basic measures taken on time by all the stakeholders could make all the difference in ensuring the safety of students and their teachers and urged that no efforts should be spares in that regards.

“We have watched with concern the deteriorating security situation in the country especially where schools and commuters have become soft targets. As the saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine. It is therefore imperative that we take adequate measures to secure our children as they go back to school for this new academic year.

“Consequently, we call on government and other schools owners to at least ensure that there is a perimeter fence around every school. This will help control movements in and out of the school premises.

“The lives of the children who represent our future are so important that no price should be considered too high to pay in securing them. As such, we strongly suggest that every school should have some sort of trained and armed security manning them at all times. In the event that we can not depend on the conventional security agencies, the local vigilante could suffice.

“On the part of parents, it is very important that they collaborate with the school management in ensuring that they have specific known persons who will take their children to and from school. It is not advisable for a parent or guardian to handover her child ward to others to take them to school just because they suppose the other person has children in the same school.

“As the campaigns ahead of the 2023 general elections are about to start in earnest, parents must be especially careful and very vigilant. It is on records that these periods come with enormous security challenges and we must prepare to tackle them by making conscious efforts” Daniel said.

The DPCDI, a Non Governmental Organization, has been at the forefront of campaigns for peace building initiatives and other community development programs in Taraba.


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