Hon Abubakar Abduullahi Ahmad



By Chris ALU

When Hon Abubakar Abduullahi Ahmad was declared   as PDP winner of the Sokoto South/North Federal constituency, little did the people know that the messiah whom they were looking for had come to deliver the dividend of democracy to them, which they have been yearning for a long time.

Hon. Ahmad came in almost two years to the end of the   9th Assembly tenure, but that did not deter him from achieving his dreams for the people of his constituency, hence all eyes were on him having aspired to represent the people from the township centre of Sokoto State.

Already the PDP lawmaker without wasting time swung into action by making   huge remarkable achievements    in the area of constituency outreach and legislation to Sokoto South /North   federal constituency.

The Sokoto born lawmaker   who served meritoriously with the state government and retired from the civil service is also known for his forthrightness and    doggedness. He is respected for his resilience and best known as a man with a large heart, who has   gradually won the souls of Sokoto South/North federal constituency in the State.

Even before he ventured into politics, Ahmad who is fondly called Abu-Audu was    playing the role of a benefactor to the people of the state and beyond.

He was doing the needful and little did he knew that one day, he will stand to contest election. Ahmad goodwill has earned him a point and he himself   has so far achieved a lot by   carving a niche for himself and also   making lives    meaningful for the people, he is representing.

From  the time  Ahmad    was inaugurated as a  lawmaker of the 9th National  assembly to   date , he has not rested on his seat without doing one thing or the other for  his  people, having merged his primary assignment of  lawmaking  with that of   project execution  without complaint.

A case in which most of his colleagues turned a blind eye to and pay attention to only    lawmaking, which is their primary assignment. But   Ahmad took it upon himself to merge the two together in order to ensure and achieve maximum satisfaction in terms    of social development, amenities and legislature   for   the people.

The lawmaker within his period under review     has executed life changing projects to better the lives of his people despite   paucity of funds and   worsening insecurity depleting the country and Sokoto state.

Ahmad hoped to   change the narratives for the people he is representing with a difference,   such that in no time he was able to roll out empowerment programmes to over 100 people, by providing them with motorcycles, for poverty alleviation and for them to use that to better their living standard in the state.

As if that was not enough, Ahmad also rolled out sewing machines and gave it out to 100 women   and also provided stipends amount of N30, 000 cash to over 1,000 people for them to solve one problem or the other.  The federal lawmaker was able to construct and complete four roads in different communities in his constituency, while that of Fakon Idi will soon be completed.

Hon. Ahmad constructed roads at Gidan Dilo, Tudun Wada, Keuppers and Madam Karo in Mabera area in Sokoto state. To ease rural urban water supply, the lawmaker was   able to construct 15 boreholes in different communities across Sokoto South/North federal constituency.

While three communities Runjin Sambo, Sabon Birni and Mabera in Madam Karo areas were provided with solar powered street lights and Iraqi, Dallatu road and Gangaren Sokoto cinema areas were provided with KVA transformers.

The federal lawmaker was also able to   construct nine blocks of 3 classrooms at Yahaya Nawawi Nizzamiyya , Rumbu and Tafida Aminu model primary schools.

All these projects were achieved within a period of less than two years, beginning from the time he came into the 9th assembly.

He also donated palliatives and incentives to victims of fire incidents that took place in Sokoto market, even as he personally assisted several people in cash and kind.

He is also   a full participant and floor contributor in  the green chambers of the national assembly, while at the same time   carried out his primary duties by  sponsoring   bills and  motions  that had  good bearing for the people of his constituency.

The federal legislature is eager to complete his mission by comprehending much projects to his people, but he can only do that if he is giving a second chance, that is why Abu Audu bought another form to re- contest the seat in other to continue from where he has stopped.

Having realised that he can   make a difference in the areas of physical and human capital development if re- elected, Ahmad needs to be voted for in order to accomplish his mission for his people.

The lawmaker Hon Ahmad is best described as   an easy going and hardworking man, a pace setter and a man of   peace, who is determined to sacrifice for the people. Besides that, as a philanthropist, he will positively impact their lives if re-elected in 2023.

The ball is now in the people’s court and with what and how the lawmaker has started, it is believe he will do more if he is given the second chance to represent them at the green chambers of the National assembly in 2023.

Chris Alu is an Abuja based media practitioner


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