From Emmanuel Samuel, Yola

Following the recent killing of an Adamawa woman from Ganye Local Goverent Area of Adamawa State with 4 children also murdered in cold blood by the Anambra Independent People of Biafra (IPOB), the Paramount ruller of the Igbo’s resident in Adamawa State, His Royal Highness Chief Godwin Emeka , Eze Ndigbo III of Adamawa state has Condemned the Killing describing it as Ungodly.

Chief Godwin who expressed shock and displeasure over the unfortunate incidence, condemned the Killing adding that the Igbo’s are also seriously affected by the Killing of these unknown gun men in the Southeast.

Speaking to our Correspondent in his Palace in Yola, Adamawa State Capital, The Eze Ndigbo III sympathised with the people of Adamawa State over the brutal killing of Late Harira Jibril, 32 and those of her four children Fatima 9, Khadijah, 7, Hadizà 5, and Zaituna, 2.

“We heard about it and it is unfair. I condemn in strong terms because as Igbo people, also staying here in the Northern part of the Country and it will be bad if such a thing happens to any of us.”.

” This is unfair because we did not expect such a thing to happen. It is not in the character of the Igbo’s to kill or shed blood of a visitor or strangers. not to talk of a woman with pregnancy. To us the gbos it is a Tabor”. No human being can accept it.

The Paramount ruller of the Igbo’s resident in Adamawa State, His Royal Highness Chief Godwin Emeka , Eze Ndigbo III, Pose in a snap shot with other Igbo traditional Leaders in the state.

“we grew up in the North and our children stay in the North, it will not be good for such a thing to happen again.

Sympatisising with the people of Adamawa State, the traditional ruler said
” I condole  the people of Adamawa State for the unfortunate incidence. I particularly condole His Excellency the Executive Governor of Adamawa State, Rt. Hon. Ahmadu Urmaru Fintiri, His Royal Highness, the Lamido of Adamawa, Dr. Alhaji Barkindo Musdapha, the Gangwari Ganye Alhaji Urmaru Sanda and the Chief of Staff who is from Ganye over the unfortunate incident”.

On behalf of the leaders and Igbo’s living in the Northern part of the country, I want to say sorry”. We don’t like what is happening and there will never be a time that we will support this type of action. We pray that God should receive the souls of the 4 children and their Mother”.

The Eze Ndigbo III explained that many Igbo’s in the Southeast are also been killed by the IPOB and unknown gun men. The Igbo’s are also been killed, it is not only the Northeners that are affected it affects my people in the Southeast States”.

Speaking on the long lasting relationship between the North and Southeast, Chief Godwin said that ” It has been very cordial amd will continue to be cordial because we have gone a long way so this happens can not change our relationship. God has created us to leave with each other so nobody can change that after all we share the same Sun, Moon, Day and night, why must we separate? he emphasized.

Comemnting on the Security challenges, he said “it’s only God that will help us because what is happening in the north is also happening in the Southeast. Look at the issue of the train killing along Kaduna -Abuja road .My prayer is that God should intervain in this matter “. For us the leaders we don’t sleep with our two eyes closed that’s why I say in what ever you are doing God should take the first place so as to solve the problem. By God’s help the problem will end one day”.

Similarly, the Patron, Igbo community /Igbo cultural association, Adamawa State
chief Ofor Eze Nwachuku has described the Killing as barbaric and unacceptable. “The act is condemnable. It is barbaric, it is ungodly, The Igbo culture does not permit the killing of a stranger. It is not in our character so every human being sensible should condemnd it. Even if you must kill why most you kill a poor pregnant woman with her innocent children? All these killings is condemnable, It is not only targeted at the Northeners they are also killing the Igbo’s. The government of Southeast should wakeup and find out the people behind this killing.

Nobody is safe, a lot of people are afraid to go home because of insecurity. Whether it is IPOB or unknown Gun men, the question is when shall we know these unknown gun men? Because they are not sprit, they are human being like us.

“About the relationship of North and Southeast, I have stayed in the north for over 35 years and we have never had this type of problem.

What is happening now is bad people and criminals are behind this killings to destroy the long time relationship built, but they will not succeed. They want to make it North versus South or Muslims versus Christians but it will not work adding. “Security is in the hands of God, so only God can tell on the security of Nigeria.

Also speaking on the Killings, Chief John Oguneh, (Onuwo) meaning the minister of the Igbo’s in Adamawa State, registered his dismay over the brutal killing of the family of Jibril.

” The Bible and the.Qur’an did not allow killing in any of the religion. So it is painful and personally I feel very bad that a whole family can be wiped out in a day. Nobody will send any body to kill on his or her behalf.

This is an abomination which is very bad and I am pleading for peace to rain in this Country. Any body that kills another human being is not normal and should be taken for medical checkup. Security Agencies in Nigeria are doing their best, so let them complete the good works. The government should also play their part.


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