WIM and partners task women on capacity building ahead of 2023.


WIM and partners task women on capacity building ahead of 2023.

By Christiana Babayo

The Women in Media Taraba state and partners, on Thursday enjoined women to participate actively in the process of nation building and politics as women have the highest voting population.

The group made this call during their maiden town hall meeting at the Taraba state University in Jalingo.

The Chairperson of the Women in Media, Taraba state, Mrs. Queen Kunde Enoch said the meeting is aimed at creating a platform for women in Taraba state to have increased participation in the forthcoming general elections.

“As journalists under the auspices of women in media here in Taraba state, we have come to realize that the voice of the Taraba woman is suppressed not necessarily based on illiteracy, even the literate and political gladiators, for the fact that they are women, are not given a fair chance in the political space.

“We have decided to come out as a vanguard for the vulnerable group which the women fall under, we look at that it will be very important to create a platform where we can bring duty bearers, stakeholders to build capacities of Taraba women.

“We intend to see a Taraba state where the narrative is changed, I can not imagine a House of Assembly without a female, we want that to change come 2023. We want to ensure that women are properly educated on the electoral process because the women have the highest voting population”. She said.

In his address, the Guest Speaker, Dr Phillip Duwe who expressed joy with the initiative of the women in media and partners said this has created an avenue to reflect inwards on areas where there are lacunas and look for ways they can be addressed in the future.

He also said it is a time to think globally and plan strategically ahead of 2023 because individuals may die, but the system lasts.

“2023 should be all inclusive, everyone must participate actively. But if you don’t act, don’t complain, you have not right to. Prayers are good but during elections they don’t count prayers they count vote. You must go out and participate actively during this period”

Speaking on ways forward, he called on women to defy draconian laws and wake up to the task ahead before it becomes belated.

He enjoined women to build each other rather than destroy one another, only then can they be equipped enough to contribute their own quota to national growth.

Also Speaking at the meeting, Comrade JJ Kataps who commended the women for organizing such an august occasion cautioned the people against viewing politics as source of income, thereby abandoning their sources of livelihood to join politics.


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