TYPA/E-WASH women brainstorm over sanitation

The monthly women meeting of the Taraba Youth Progressive Association in collaboration with the E-WASH was held today at the Jolly Nyame stadium in Jalingo.

As a tradition, the women gather on scheduled basis to discuss issues that bother on good hygiene,sanitation and clean water. As custodians of the home, the women are saddled with the responsibility of keeping the house clean and this can only be done when there is clean water readily available.

Mrs Francisca who spoke on behalf of the CEO revealed that the objective of the meeting was not only to talk about good hygiene but to also join the rest of.the world to celebrate “Menstrual hygiene day” which was yesterday.

While reviewing the activities of the women wing of the Association, Mrs Francisca said that the women are already doing what they can to advocate for Effective water ,sanitation and hygiene(E-WASH).” The other time we paid a visit to some ministries and even Taraba State Water and Sewerage Corporation(TAWASCO) to discuss matters that concern sanitation and hygiene and we believe that soon everything will fall in place and we will be able to kick start our sanitation exercises.
We all belong to different bodies and organisations and this will help us to pass the message across to our various groups, families or communities. ” she explained.

Mrs Aisha Garba among others who were present at the meeting narrated how she has been advocating for clean water and good hygiene in her locality. ” some of these people cannot afford to register with TAWASCO and get portable water and so i advised that even the one they are using now should be properly treated so that can be consumable and they should also avoid laziness and make sure their environment is clean” she said.

Speaking on the Menstrual hygiene day, which was tagged”it is time to take action” this year, the women advised fellow women to educate their children about menstruation even before hand so that by the time the child reaches that stage, she will handle it well.

Mrs Patience Danjuma added that even if the child is not yours, it will cost you nothing to call her aside and explain how these things work because some of these teenage girls dont know how to handle their menstruation when it comes. ” teach them earlier, let them know that this is not something they should be ashamed of. It’s nature and it cannot be changed. She also advised that proper disposing of used sanitary pads, they should be burnt or burried” she explained.

The women also added that good hygiene is not just for one person, it is for everyone because at the end of the day, the effect touches us all. Therefore we all should keep advocating for good hygiene, clean water and lets keep our environment clean at all times.


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