Constitutional Amendment: Former Wukari Native Authority Indigenes seek creation of Kwararrafa State.


Constitutional Amendment: Former Wukari Native Authority Indigenes seek creation of Kwararrafa State.

By Christiana Babayo.

Stakeholders from the former Wukari Federation Native Authority in Taraba state have demanded the creation of Kwararrafa state.

The submission for this state to be carved out of present day Taraba state was made at the North East constitution amendment review meeting held in Yola, the capital of Adamawa state last week.

Speaking for the group, Dr. David
Agbu sought an amendment of Section 8 of the 1999 constitution for flexibility to allow the creation of more states and Local Government Areas seamless.

David while presenting the memo said, “The desire for a new state of our own is informed by our historical background and the need for rapid development. Ancient KWARARRAFA Empire was on the same pedestal with Borno Empire and Sokoto caliphate in the North; Oyo and Benin Empire in the South caliphate have been accorded the status of two or more states except KWARARRAFA Empire which is still part of another state.

“We understand the review as captured in the invitation notice to touch on 17 areas.

“We wish to specifically voice out our support to the item number 12th on the list captioned “States and local government creation”. He added.

While enumerating the Local Government areas that will make up the new state, he said,

“We submit a request for the creation of KWARARRAFA STATE out of the present-day Taraba State with its capital city at Wukari and/or at least thirteen (13) more local governments should be created from the present Wukari, Takum, Donga, Ibi, Ussa, Kurmi Local Government Areas and Yangtu Development Area of Taraba State herein again as before requested”
He added that “Given the provisions of the 1999 Constitution, particularly Section 8 which gives the National Assembly the powers to create more States and Local Governments in Nigeria; this position paper is agreeing for the amendment of the said Section 8 of the 1999 Constitution to simplify the procedure of the creation of more states and local governments due to the yearning and aspirations of Nigerians more particularly the former Wukari Federation.”

“We the peaceful people of the proposed KWARARRAFA state are asking for the restoration of our past status (our earlier rejection of the proposal to include us in Katsina-Ala state in 1996 still stands).” He added.


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