CRC-N observes Week of sacrifice to commemorate founding fathers, heroes.


CRC-N observes Week of sacrifice to commemorate founding fathers,heroes.

By Christiana Babayo

In commemoration of its gallant founding members and those who gave their lives for the gospel to spread, the Christian Reformed Church-Nigeria, CRC-N has dedicated time to observe the annual week of sacrifice.

The week is set aside to avail the believers time in God’s presence that will enable them reflect, pray and rededicate themselves to God for bringing them this far, bearing in mind the labors of the past members, some who laid down their lives and even those who contributed in different ways to enable the church grow.

President of CRC-N, Rev Isaiah Magaji Jirapye who during the week expressed sadness over the numerous cases of violence, hate and war around the world today stressed that it is very worrisome that the sanctity of human life is now a forgotten issue.

“The sanctity of life has been so
desecrated. In our country, Nigeria, human life seems to have lost its worth. No day goes by that no human life is been wasted by ethno-religious crisis, Boko Haram, armed bandits, Fulani Herdsmen, armed robbers, gun men, kidnappers, assassin or even ill-willed security agents.

“The country is seemingly caught in the midst of fears, anxiety,
and injustice of all kind. Constant attack on the Christian faith both within and without, harassment of women and children in public sphere. The economic trend and social life of the country, with its attendant consequences on the community of believers, and serious issues are posing threats to the well-being of the Church and humanity in general”

Rev Jirapye stressed that the task of building the Church of God in this situation and in a time like this is non negotiable because the church exists not in a vacuum but in this traumatized world, everything that happens in it affects it.

He said these desperate times call for deliberate encouragement of our faiths, as we encounter adversities in all ramifications.

The Clergy called on leaders to present messages that will lift up and enhance faith in the Lord, while tasking believers to earnestly contend for the faith, so that they can withstand the storms of life, making reference to the book of Matt.7:24-27.

“I appeal to all CRC-N sons and daughters, to strongly approach this week of sacrifice with a determination to survive and be adamant about pushing their way through the trails of the moment, being resolute on putting our light on the stand that even enemies of the cross may see it and be
properly guided.

“I invite you all to sit down and pay close attention in this Week of Sacrifice to exhortations, teachings, instructions the Lord has for us and be fully equipped with heavenly
resources in building the Lord’s Church whether as leaders or as members of this great domination”
The President said.

The week long program will refresh the minds of believers even as they celebrate the grace of God that constituted the denomination 72 years ago, from July 25, 1951 to July 25, 2023.


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