Chief Teghtegh Shaakaa


By Sesugh Abaya

The Chairman, Taraba State Tiv Political Appointees, Chief Tegh-Tegh Shaakaa Adagba has hailed the official presentation of Staff of Office to the Aku Uka, His Majesty Manu Ishaku Adda Ali Matakitwsen and the Gara Donga, His Majesty Sanvala Varzoa Shimbura Gargbanyi II, by Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku.
The official coronation of the two traditional rulers took place at Donga and Wukari Recently.

Chief Shaakaa, who is also serving in the government of Taraba State as an Adviser to the Executive Governor also hails the leadership virtues of Governor Darius Ishaku, even as he called on his kinsmen and entire electorates of the Southern Taraba, to vote for Ishaku as the next Senator of the the Southern Senatorial zone of the state.

Speaking to our reporter in an exclusive interview, the elder statesman said the official coronation of the two iconic monarchs has given credence to the the Governor Ishaku’s resolve in strengthening the capacity of the traditional institution, so that it can take its rightful place as a custodian of cultural values and a potent tool for peace building at the grassroots.

“The coronation of the monarchs will not only stabilized the beacons of our cultural heritage, but it has given us a sense of belonging as subjects of these great traditional institutions, more so that the choice of the two traditional icons can best be described as a devine intervention.

“They are credible leaders with a vast track records of experience in many areas of human endeavour. Above all, they are peace lovers. Wth them as gate keepers of our traditional Cultural heritage, we are confident that the yoke of insecurity and disunity that weaves between the cleavages of our sectional interests in the Southern part of our state, will be broken.” He said.

The Executive Governor of Taraba State, Arc Darius Dickson Ishaku

While calling on the electorates to vote wisely for all the PDP candidates in the state, Chief Shaakaa, who is also a PDP stawart, said Governor Darius Ishaku has demonstrated creative and responsive leadership, hence the need for the Southern Taraba electorate to vote him as Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria come 2023.

“With Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku in the Senate, the voice of Taraba state will be respected in the red chambers. He is already armed with an armour of experience, he has the leadership charisma, he is creative. Having served the state continuously for eight years, he is in the best position to know the legislative needs of the state.

“To majority of us in the Southern part of Taraba state, as far as the present line up of candidates for the Senate is concern, there is no better candidate than Ishaku.” He stated.

Chief Shaakaa enjoins the people of Southern Taraba State, to vote wisely by casting their votes where it will have value, adding that a vote for DDI is a vote for progress and prosperity.

He also called on his kinsmen, the Tiv people of Taraba State, not to be distracted by the wiles of desperate political actors, but continue with their resolve to be respectful to constitutional authorities and always see themselves as a component of building blocks, blocks of peaceful existence and development in the state.


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