Chief Teghtegh Shaakaa Adagba


By Sesugh Abaya

A PDP stalwart and community leader, Chief Teghtegh Shaakaa Adagba, has called on PDP members in Taraba State to sustain their winning spirit even as the Governorship and House Assembly election have been shifted to next week, 18th March.

He was speaking with our reporter on the advantages and disadvantages of the polls’ shift by the Independent National Electoral Commission, as it concerns the winning chances of the PDP in Taraba State.

Chief Shaakaa told our reporter that Agbu Kefas supporters were fully prepared and were in high winning spirit, eager to celebrate their new governor, when the shift in the election date was announced. Chief Shaakaa added that the shift of the election date did not affect the mood of the people, rather, it guarantees more votes for Kefas, as its an opportunity for those who wanted to be part of the winning train from the beginning, but circumstance could not permit them, to join.

‘We are still in high spirit, just that we are a bit eager for the day to come, so that we can harvest victory for our governor to be. With the shift in date, victory for Kefas is only delayed to another day. But we are certain to get there and obtain the victory through the instrumentality of our ballots. The extension guarantees more votes for the candidates as more supporters are desperately willing to be on Agbu Kefas’ winning train.’ He stated.

Chief Shaakaa who is also the Special Adviser to the Governor of Taraba State, as well as Chairman, Forum of Taraba State Tiv Political Appointees, described his experience in the campaign field as impressive, saying that it was not difficult selling their candidate to the people because of his outstanding leadership qualities, moral status and social profile.

Lt. Col. Agbu Kefas. PDP Governorship Candidate Taraba State

‘Most people in the state are conversant with Agbu Kefas’ social political antecedent. He is very gentle, focused and visionary. This is a fact that is shared by his friends and foe alike. But in politics, there must be division. People must push for their interests. That is the beauty of politics. That is why some people, but very few of them, are in other political camps. But if you engage them on the personal level, they will tell you that Kefas is the best candidate for the governorship position of the state and he deserved the votes of progress minded and peace loving Tarabans.

On the acceptability of the party in the state, especially the Presidential and National Assembly Elections that saw the defeat of PDP senatorial candidate, Governor Darius Ishaku, Chief Shaakaa said that the election result did not reflect the wishes of the people in the Southern Taraba.

‘Some of our party members in the Southern part of the state were nursing some personal grudges with some individual stakeholders of our party. Instead of adopting some reconciliatory measures, they resorted to protest. That was why we recorded low votes to the extent that we lost, seemingly, in the election.  But as I speak to you, the gap has been closed. Those who spearheaded the protest have started regretting their actions. Already, we have cleared the mess and we are looking forward for a resounding victory next week, where our candidate, Agbu Kefas will be voted in as the next Governor of Taraba State.

Lt. Col. Agbu Kefas rtd, HE. Arc, Darius Ishaku, Executive Governor of Taraba State, other PDP stakeholders, at the PDP presidential rally in Jalingo recently

‘You are in the media, you do not need to be told that PDP remains the ruling party in the State, despite the Southern Taraba incident. We won in other Senatorial zones and we have garnered the largest number of votes in the Presidential and the National Assembly elections. As far as Taraba State is concern, we remain a political party to beat.

‘That is why I laugh, anytime time people are dropping names of candidates of other political parties in the state, forecasting their winning chances. But you cannot stop people from displaying their products and flaunting their political ego. Very soon, men will be separated from the boys. It’s just a matter of days.’ He Stated.

Chief Shaakaa called on peace loving Tarabans to vote Lt. Col. Agbu Kefas as Governor of Taraba State in the election that was rescheduled to hold on Saturday, 18 March, saying that a vote for Kefas is a vote for a prosperous Taraba.



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