US Embassy tasks women journalists on increased participation in media activities.


US Embassy tasks women journalists on increased participation in media activities.

By Christiana Babayo

As part of efforts to encourage increased participation of women journalists in media activities and promote equity, the US Embassy in partnership with Organization for Innovation and Sustainable Development,OISD, has embarked on sensitization of women journalists in northeastern states.

The three day training tagged “SHE EXISTS Promoting Equity and Equal Opportunities for Women in Media” was also conducted in Taraba state with women journalists drawn from various media outlets.

Addressing the women during the training, Dr Ernest Ogeze expressed concerns over the underrepresentation of the women despite their many values to the society.

It is in line with this that he enjoined women journalists to brace up and rise to the challenge of breaking the barriers and telling their stories, stressing that only then can the aim of the training be achieved .

Dr Ernest also stated that no one can tell the women’s stories better than the women, hence the need for the women journalists to increase their participation in media activities so as to give other women out there a voice.

“If the women are under reported it is the fault of the women because no one can say a woman’s story better than the woman. It is important to represent the women so that other women can also be inspired to come forward.

“The goal is to increase women content in our various outlets by 35% in the next 12 months and that can only be done when women and trained and equipped with the right knowledge. There are so many stories of women out there that needs to be heard, we need to report them if we want to achieve this equal opportunity and equity we are discussing here”

Another resource person, Mr Tom Garba painted the many challenges women face in the media world, some he highlighted as, stereotypes of different forms, cultural barriers and other hindrances.

He however emphasized that only the women can challenge the said stereotypes and barriers, according to him, only then can the women rise to the level that they are supposed to be.

Speaking with the Chairperson of NAWOJ Taraba State chapter, Mrs Dinatu Danjuma after the training, she confessed that the training is timely and a great eye opener for herself and her members who attended.

She also commended the US Embassy and OISD for the giant step and called on women journalists to key into the theme and make good use of the knowledge obtained during the training.

Sarah Mudwa, a participant who described the training as a priceless addition to her career said she will do her best to ensure she passes this knowledge to others and also take up of the challenge of breaking barriers.


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