Taraba Governorship hopeful expresses capacity to transform the state

Professor Jerome Nyame

Taraba Governorship hopeful expresses capacity to transform the state

Jethro Yerga, Jalingo

A governorship hopeful on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Professor Jerome Nyame, has expressed his capacity to turn around the fortune of Taraba State, if elected as the Executive Governor of the State in the forthcoming, 2023 General elections.

The energetic young Professor who is currently lecturing at the Taraba State University, in a chat with our reporters in Jalingo, gave details of his plans and what he has in stock for the good people of Taraba State if elected as their Governor in the 2023 General election.

Professor Jerome who is newly confirmed full Professor of entrepreneurship and Business, appealed to the good people of Taraba State to taste his capability and capacity to see that he has an economic outlet and plan that is capable of generating huge revenue to the government in a manner that Taraba State Government and the people of the state had never witness before.

“Whether we like it or not, we are approaching a point that there will be no subvention coming from anywhere. Every state Government must have to look for ways to generate money and take care of its state. If we get to that point and our Governor does not have anything to offer, it will be terrible for our state.

“I want to call on the good people of Taraba State to give me the opportunity to enable me execute my elaborate plans and dreams. I will do so much on education and Agricultural base businesses, trade and industry if given the opportunity. I will bring out my master plan that will generate numerous employment opportunities for our teaming youth through striving businesses.

“From the streams of income generated, I will ensure that I improve the staff welfare in the state. I will do so much on human capital development because when you empowered people, you have developed the state. I don’t want to talk about insecurity because, once the youths are empowered, the issue of insecurity will automatically and naturally solve itself.

“Again, when you employ more people, you are empowering them economically and once they are empowered economically, they will be able to train their children in better schools, they will be able to build their houses and there will be economic growth in the state”. He stated.

Professor Jerome lamented that Taraba State as an agrarian state has been missing so many opportunities that ordinarily would have been used to turn the fortunes of the youths in the state.

“I am always boiled when I look at the statistic of what we produce in this state. our produce is enough to feed the whole nation. Every day, hundreds of trailers move from Taraba State with padded rice to other parts of the world.

“If you look at this critically, you will agree with me that in the chain of production of this rice, we do benefit from only one or two aspects out of over 17 chains in the production. That is farming, marketing and off-loading only. The other chains in the production that could have generate huge or hundreds of thousands for us are missing. By implication, we are missing over 24 thousand jobs every day.
“But what does it take for us to have a rice mill, what does it take for us to utilize and harness all the 17 chains in the rice production?” He asked rhetorically.

The young professor who said he would also improve the Health Care System of the State, emphasized that the state had also for a very long time, suffered so many other things as a result of lack of proper enlightenment.

“You see, what we have is good but is not good enough. If you want to educate a person, you educate him and allow him to understand his responsibility to the society. When you look at Jalingo very well, you will understand that people have messed up the Jalingo Master Plan.

“The normal beautification that would have portrayed us as the nature’s gift to the nation has disappeared. It is not because the governments are not willing to do it but because people are not well enlightened and so it is becoming very difficult to achieve this”. He added.

While identifying some of the impact he had already put in place to impact in the lives of Taraba State people, the Professor identified among many other things, the foundation he established in 2006 even as an ordinary civil servant, where the lives of several orphans and widows have been touched in different ways.

He said his entrepreneurship prowess has also among other things, given rise to many business outlets and other valuable management decisions at the Taraba State University which had gone a long way to help the students and graduates of the university to be self-reliant and live well even without white collar jobs.

Professor Jerome further expressed confidence that he would do more of these if he is given an opportunity to serve in the capacity of the Executive Governor of the state.


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