Taraba Government holds retreat tasks leaders on good governance


Taraba Government holds retreat tasks leaders on good governance

Jethro Yerga, Jalingo

The Taraba State Government has organized an induction course/retreat to provide its new leaders with the necessary knowledge, insight, and tools to excel in their respective roles and work harmoniously towards shared vision of a prosperous and inclusive Taraba State.

The retreat which took place in Abuja was attended by members of the Legislatures Arm, Judiciary and all the appointed members of the State Arms of Government

Addressing the leaders at the occasion, the Executive Governor of Taraba State, Dr Agbu Kefas charged them to uphold the values of transparency, accountability and good governance as they embark on the service of Taraba State in their respective capacities.

Governor Agbu stated that as representatives of the people and key stakeholders in the government, they all must play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Taraba state and its citizens as the trust placed in them by the people was both an honour and a responsibility.

Guests at the retreat

He said the the trust of the people can only be sustained through unwavering commitment for serving their interest and meeting their needs.

“I emphasize the importance of inclusivity in our decision- making process. Our diversity is our strength, and by involving all segment of our society in our governance, we can build a more united and resilient Taraba

“Let us remember that Leadership is not about privilege or power, it is about service and sacrifice. I call upon each one of You to lead by example, to be accessible to the people, and to remain grounded in the realities of their lives.

“Let us remember that the welfare of our people is always at the core of every decision. Let us strive to foster environment of open communication and collaboration, where ideas are freely shared and constructive dialogue is encouraged

Former Governor of Taraba State, Rev Joly Nyame (left) and Gov Agbu Kefas at the retreat

 “I believe that with unity, dedication and clear vision, we can bring about positive change and create a brighter future for everyone”.

While congratulating them all for their well-deserved positions, the governor noted that Taraba State is blessed with abundant resources, both natural and human but the state faced numerous challenges that demand innovative solution and collective efforts.

“As Leaders and public servants, it is our duty to work tirelessly to address these challenges and create an enabling environment that empowers every citizen to thrive and reach their potential.

Earlier, the the secretary to the Government of Taraba State, Barr. Gebon Timothy Kataps had urged all the participants to remain steadfast in their commitment to sustainable development

He urged them all to familiarize themselves with the functions and responsibilities of their respective ministries as that would form the foundation upon which they could build a prosperous future


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