NUT boss lauds Governor Kefas over payment of his 18 months salaries

Comr. Nathan Solomon, Chairman, Nigeria Union of Teachers NUT, Taraba State Chapter

NUT boss lauds Governor Kefas over payment of his 18 months salaries

Jethro Yerga, Jalingo

The Chairman, Nigeria Union of Teachers NUT, Taraba State Chapter, Comrade Nathan Solomon, has lauded the Executive Governor of Taraba State, Dr Agbu Kefas for paying his eighteen months salaries and that of his other colleagues which were stopped by the immediate past Governor of Taraba State, Arc Darius Dickson Ishaku over a mere leadership tussle in the Taraba State Chapter of NUT

The Chairman gave this applaud while interacting with our reporters in Jalingo, the Taraba State Capital

He stated that his 18 months salary and that of his 12 other colleagues were stopped by the former governor shortly after the election of the union held in Donga Local Government Area of Taraba State in 2021 which produced him as the State Chairman of the Union

Comr. Nathan recalled that even before the election, some enemies of their great union had gone to tell the governor that the National leadership of NUT had insulted him and so he should not give the union attention in the state.

The Chairman who expressed dismay over the decisions taken by the former governor over the issues of the union, noted that so many funny incidence played out but God was on their side as they were able to come up with a legitimate new leadership of the union in the state.

“We felt that once you are a governor, you are a father to all and as a father you care for all your children. But surprisingly, our former Governor did not reasoned that way. He did not only introduced another union in the state to replace our great union, he went ahead to stopped the salaries of 13 of us who stood for our great union.

“For 18 months, we were not paid. News even went viral that he sacked us from our jobs in the state. But just like the Biblical Daniel and Co, who passed through furnace but later came out stronger, we also came out stronger than ever before because the righteous is now on throne. Governor Agbu Kefas is on throne. He has paid us all the salaries and we are now one. No more Governor Darius’ Association of Basic Education Teachers ASBET”. The chairman stated.

While appreciating those who stood by them through out their trying period, the chairman stated that God had used several persons to assist them with cash and prayers to survive the storm.

“In a way, we were growing fater when we were under Governor Darius’ discipline. So Many people took it upon themselves to assist us throughout the period. We most sincerely appreciate God for this experience but we pray that it doesn’t happen to any teacher in Taraba State because it is not everybody that can withstand such a challenge”. He added

Comr. Nathan further applauded Governor Kefas for his readiness to implement the minimum wage of workers in the state in October this year, saying that the Governor has already distinguished himself by demonstrating beyond every reasonable doubt that he is truly a leader called by God to serve the people of Taraba State in the few months that he assumed his office as the Executive Governor of the State

He called on the teachers in the state who were frustrated by the poor leadership of the previous government to wake up and reciprocate Governor Agbu’s kind gesture by living up to their responsibilities so as to gain more blessings from his leadership style.


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