Hon. George hails Gov. Kefas, says young commissioners are servant leaders

Hon. Peter George in a warm handshake with the Executive Governor of Taraba State during his swearing in as the Honourable Commissioner, Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry

Hon. George hails Gov. Kefas, says young commissioners are servant leaders

By Justice Jonathan

The Honourable Commissioner Ministry of Trade, Commerce and Industry, Hon Peter George, has hailed the foresight and leadership dexterity of the Executive Governor of Taraba State, Dr Agbu Kefas, in engaging the youths in his cabinet even as his body language has redefined politics in the state.

He also commended the resilience of elders and called for their cooperation, adding that youths in the Dr Agbu Kefas led administration are servant leaders.

Hon. Peter George stated this in an exclusive chat with Worldview Newspaper, soon after the handing and talking over ceremony in the Ministry of Trade, Commerce and Industry, Jalingo, Taraba State capital.

Hon. Peter George told our reporters that what Gov. Agbu Kefas has done is a demonstration of faith in the youth’s capacity to deliver, an inclusive governance as well as a sense of belonging to the younger generation and the generation yet unborn.

“In the first place, you do not need to advertise Executive Governor of Taraba State, Dr. Agbu Kefas. His activities speak for itself. But for the purpose of your question on the young people in his cabinet, I wish to reiterate that this is a clear example of the paradigm shift.  Boosting the state’s political energy with virile crop of politicians. In our case, we are like servant leaders. We are here to serve not to rule.

“Dr Agbu Kefas knows what he is doing in opting for the youths. He is aware of the challenges ahead of him. You do not need to be told so as to know that, there is so much to be done to recover the state and get the system working. Now, leisure time is over.  It’s time to work. Our Governor has a noble vision for the state. He has a module of implementation Therefore; it is my humble view that the category of people that he chooses to work with in his cabinet should not be a topic of discussion.” He stated.

Hon. George solicits the support of the stakeholders at various levels in the state, saying that the youths in the state are leaning on their shoulders and leveraging on their wisdom to provide the quality of leadership that will be appreciated by all.  He described the present political development as a change of baton, where the stakeholders have decided that this time their children should take the slot.

“We are here as servant leaders. The affairs of the state can best be quantified as a family where the father calls unto his eldest son and charge him with the responsibility of driving and or piloting of the affairs of the house, since the father is waxing great in age and nature is taking a toll on him.

“The father that doubts the competence of his son’s leadership ability can as well be a father that doubts his fatherhood or his ability to tutor his ward properly. The stakeholders and leaders have invested in us. Now it is time to serve them.

“Abraham Lincoln once said “we lean on the shoulders of those gone before us”. Now, I’m appealing to our elders that, this road of life you’ve walked it before us; please be with us in advice and prayers as we also thread the same path.

“We are standing on our strong resolve to make you proud; we won’t relent in our efforts in talking responsibilities for our actions, just as we will not take the confidence you reposed in us for granted.’ He said.





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