Gov Kefas is a man of God, TASIEC Chair is 70, they can’t stoop to emasculate electoral process, says APC candidate

Hon Ekah Ali, APC Chairmanship Candidate for Donga LGC and his Vice Chairmanship candidate

Gov Kefas is a man of God, TASIEC Chair is 70, they can’t stoop to emasculate electoral process, says APC candidate

By Nick Yashi

The APC Chairmanship Candidate for Donga LGA in the November 18 Taraba Local Government polls, Ali Emmanuel Yakubu, has expressed confidence in the ongoing process of local government election in the state. He was allaying the fears of opposition parties that PDP-led Taraba government might not create a level playing ground for the council election.

The politician, while speaking with Worldview magazine said the governor, Agbu Kefas, who professed to be a ‘’man of God’’ has promised to provide a level playing ground. He also said the TASIEC chairman; Dr Philip Duwe who is above 70 years would not rubbish his name by rigging the election.

‘’Going by the statement of the TASIEC chairman, which was corroborated by the governor that they were going to provide a level playing ground for all contestants and going by the fact that Executive Governor of Taraba state is professing to be a man of God, we are hoping that he will stand by his words. And the TASIEC Chairman is above 70. I don’t see him rubbishing his name at this age. We just interacted with SIEC (that is by purchasing the form and yesterday’s screening). So in the two activities we have done with them I can tell you there is a level of fairness in them,’’ he stated.

The well experienced politician said that he was optimistic of winning the elections this time around despite losing severally in the past. According to him, his rival, the PDP candidate, was not a match to him. He also disclosed his plan for the people when elected into office.

‘’Over time, certain factors were responsible for my non-emergence. It is either the elections were been manipulated or some obvious reasons. But this time around I want to tell you that with the level of preparedness on ground, I think I shall be victorious by the grace of God.

‘’My plan is, number one, Donga is divided on tribal basis and what I intend to do is to unite the five tribes in Donga and be fair to all of them. Once there is unity. All of us would put our heads together to look at the security challenges we are having within the local government, especially why farmers cannot go to their farms. I know that once we are united we can fight it collectively. Where there is peace a lot of development will follow. So these are my basics,’’ Yakubu added.

He called on the electorate to come out enmasse and vote for him irrespective of party affiliation.

‘’I think I am the most reliable alternative. They shouldn’t mind political party affiliation. Let them come enmasse, vote for me, protect the vote and I can assure them that I can deliver,’’ he concluded.




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