APC’s Mustapha Umar Madawaki, told Journalists in Yola that Gov. Umaru Fintiri might end up as an elected dictator, if he continues with his attitude 

An APC Chieftain in Adamawa state, Mustapha Umar Madawaki has accused the executive Governor of Adamawa State, Abubakar Umaru Fintiri of hostility, thereby missing steps on the track of purposely leadership.

Recall that Senator Elisha Ishaku Abbo, representing Adamawa North on the platform of the PDP has recently dumped the party for the APC, citing same reason for his decamping.

Speaking recently in an interview with Journalists in Yola, Mustapha Umar Madawaki said Fintiri has a good team in his cabinet, but fighting spirit and highhandedness is making it difficult for them to contribute and add value on the content of his administration.

“The Governor is fighting everybody, his cabinet members are afraid of him, scared to tell him the truth because of how he portrays himself to them.

“In Adamawa today we have awakened up to see the Governor at war with the political class, the common man even our traditional rulers are not spared,” Umar said.

He cited an example of a recent meeting of the Northeast Governors in the state, where sour relationship between Governor Ahmadu and the Lamido of Adamawa, Dr. Muhammadu Barkindo Aliyu Mustafa was unveiled.

Umar neglected the development, saying that as a Governor, should not have promoted the bitterness of their relationship on the public domain. He wondered how the people of Adamawa State will be safe if the Lamido of Adamawa and the Governor are at war with each other. Umar dwelt on the leadership lapses of the Governor and summed up that the biggest problem of Governor Fintiri is not the construction of flyovers or roads. But his problem is social interaction between him and his executive and the good people of Adamawa state.

“If he continues his leadership style other than this he will end up to be democratically elected dictator and we don’t want a situation where our elected leaders turned themselves into tyrants. But if he can realize the position is God-given, a mundane power that one day he will leave, I think he will change his perception of how he sees leadership positions.” He added.

He regretted that despite the many technocrats and intellectuals in diverse fields, Adamawa remains one of the backward states in the North -East with Gombe and Taraba states created of yesterday ahead of the State.

On the ongoing construction of flyovers, roads across the state and prompt payment of salaries, Madawaki said flyovers are the needs of Adamawa state people.

“How many cars and tricycles do we even have in the state that we need flyovers?   The busiest road we have in the state capital is the market road.  Even at that, one can divert and use alternative routes. The state doesn’t need a flyover. The loans collected to construct these flyovers will have been channeled to direct human empowerment and development. The flyovers are good, but it’s a misplaced priority and it earned nothing in terms of scores,” Umar said.

On the prompt payment of salaries by the Fintiri led administration, Mustapha said any Governor that’s not paying salaries is “very irresponsible.”

“By the way, the salaries are the statutory rights of the civil servants; there is no reason why a Governor will not pay salaries because statutory salaries come first before any capital expenditures. So paying salaries is not a yardstick of rating government.

” I don’t see these as an index of achievements, building flyovers, and paying salaries. I expected him to increase and broaden up his revenue base generation. I’m assuring you a good government can generate twenty billion naira in a month in this state because the resources are there to harness.

“I thought the Governor is having a ten or twenty-year development plan like other states to have a good human development by giving International scholarship to brilliant state’s indigenes for the development of the state. Less than this, I can’t see development anywhere in the state.

In the response of Governor Ahmadu’s Senior Special Assistant on Social Mobilization, Mr. Victor Dogo said Gov Umaru Fntiri is taking the people of Adamawa State to desired destiny.

Dogo said the views of Madawaki are needless because common sense is there to guide him right that the Governor is performing over hundreds percent if he can be honest to his conscience.

“Modern development is not necessary for Adamawa; the advancement of Fintiri is too fast, too much, too outweighed for common men. Well, his Excellency Fintiri knows where he is taking the people to, and if you don’t like it he should please step aside.” He said.

“Adamawa is set for great possibilities that are growing in the northeast and opening and equipping the state for such advancement is the Fintiri’s vision, so if touching the lives of the people by Fintiri is far way too high for a person to see today….hmm! I am sorry and disappointed.

This is not the first time that Governor Fintiri is receiving a blow on his leadership style in Adamawa State. Not long ago, a member of the PDP, representing Adamawa North Senatorial District, Senator Elisha Ishaku Abbo dumped the party to APC.

Senator Abbo, told his colleagues at the hallowed chambers of the Senate that he is dumping the PDP with his constituents because of the mismanagement of PDP in Adamawa State by the Governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri. He accused Fintiri of some unwholesome activities that led to a faction and polarization of the party in the State




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