Home Feature End Tiv/Jukun crisis now before it consumes us all-Reps member warns

End Tiv/Jukun crisis now before it consumes us all-Reps member warns


End Tiv/Jukun crisis now before it consumes us all- Reps member warns
Following the renewed hostilities between the Jukun and Tiv in Southern Taraba that has claimed nearly a hundred lives in the last two weeks, the member representing Takum/Ussa/Donga/Yangtu federal constituency Mr Rimande Shawulu has called on all stakeholders and governments to work towards finding lasting solution to the crisis before the entire zone is completely ruined.

Rimande who spoke exclusively to our correspondent in a phone interview on Friday said it was pure madness that despite the high level of intermarriage and religious uniformity in the region, the people have continued to kill and destroy themselves over reasons that are not even clear.

He regretted that though the southern Taraba is enormously blessed with both human and natural resources like no other region in he country, development has continued to elude the people because of incessant crisis.

Shawulu said that it has come to a point where blame trading and claiming of right is no longer fashionable and urged religious bodies, civil society organizations, and all stakeholders to come to a round table and sincerely chat a new course for the good of the people and posterity.

“It is so sad, the news about the killings and destruction going on in southern Taraba at the moment. The inter marriage in that area is so much and most of the people are also Christians. So you really begin to wonder why we are doing what we are doing in that area. Fghts only increase the problems that people have, not reduce them. So if we can find a way of sitting on a sincere round table, and I mean all the groups in Southern Taraba, that would be the best thing that would happen to that area.

“The area is no doubt one of the richest areas in the whole country.  There is therefore the need for all of us who are stakeholders in the state to come together on a round table and talk about peace. It is very important and we need to do it and do it quickly too. And I hope and pray that this will happen soon. I do not want to go on the path of saying these people are right or wrong or just blame trading. There is  no group that will not have its weaknesses and  strength of argument. But it is these supposed strength in argument that is leading to the destruction of lives and property at this magnitude that we are experiencing. So such arguments and justification that lead to the destruction of lives and villages can not, in anyway whatsoever, contribute to the growth of the people. It is a very sad thing that is happening and the earlier it is stopped, the better for all of us” Shawulu said.

Our correspondent recall that renewed attacks started  over a week ago mostly in Donga local government area between the Tiv and Jukun, in a series of ongoing hostilities, leading to the death of scores and destruction of several villages.



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