ACReSAL identifies forest reserves & plantations for afforestation in Taraba


ACReSAL identifies forest reserves & plantations for afforestation in Taraba

Jethro Yerga,

The World Bank assisted Project, Agro-Climatic Resilience in Semi-Arid Landscapes (ACReSAL), which aimed at addressing the challenges of land degradation and climate Change in Northern Nigeria on a multi-dimensional scale, has identified twelve (12) forest reserve in Taraba State that are in dare need of ACReSAL afforestation intervention project.

According to a report compiled by a team of experts constituted by the facilitators of the project in the Taraba State, out of the twelve forest reserves identified, six (6) were found to have large land area, highly degraded and call for massive ACReSAL afforestation intervention project.

The team of experts, comprising of the Forest Management Officer, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, M Information Service, Geographical Information System Officer and Natural Resources Management Officer had, after touring round 10 out of 16 Local Government Areas of the state, identified six (6) highly degraded forests which include; Bantaje forest reserve in Wukari Local Government Area, Baissa forest reserve in (Gidan Mallam) Kurmi Local Government Area and Wurkam forest reserve in (Tonti ) Bali Local Government.

Also identified were Gangumi Forest Reserve in Gashaka Local Government Area, Kwechodawadi forest reserve (Yelwa) in Sarduna Local Government Area and Bakin Dutse forest reserve in Ardo-kola Local Government Area respectively.

The report also noted that three (3) out of the identified forests, including River Ibi Forest Reserve in Ibi LGA, River Ambwe forest reserve in Kurmi and Maisamari Frest Rserves in Sardauna LGA, were all found to be in a stable state due to high vegetation cover.

On the conditions of the various forests visited, the team reported that the Bantaje Forest Reserve In Wukari LGA, situated in Chediya Community with a land size of 47.33 square kilometer was identified with GPS coordinate of Latitude 8.217110 and Longitude 10.219052. The Reserve is sparsely covered with vegetation with an extensive farming activities going on there. From the observation of the team, the reserve need ACReSAL intervention to restore the vegetation cover.

“In Ibi LGA, River Ibi Forest Reserve was identified with a GPS coordinate of latitude 8.211608 and longitude 9.745942, this reserrve was observed to be in a stable ecosystem and therefore does not need ACReSAL intervention as of now.

“In Donga LGA, Kakiwargi Forest Reserve along suntai Daji road and wasaJi Forest Reserve in Tudun Wada Village were identified, Kakiwargi Forest Reserve located in Latitude 7.727287 Longitude 10.093710 was observe to be in a dire need of enrichment afforestation intervention of ACReSAL as the vegetation was sparsely covered with trees and grasses where as, Wasaji Forest Reserve was not accessed due mobility challenge.

“In Kurmi LGA, two Forest Reserve were identified to include Baissa Forest Reserve and River Ambwe forest reserve. Baissa Forest Reserve located in latitude 7.270852 and longitude 10.553670 was observe to be degraded and sparsely covered due to extensive farming activities and clear failing of trees. The reserve need ACReSAL afforestation intervention to restore or revegetate the reserve. River Ambwe Forest Reserve Located in latitude 7.130183 Longitude 10.698918, was found to be in a relatively stable state with dotted palm tree and wooden trees.

“In Bali LGA, Wurkam Forest Reserve located in latitude 8.016628 longitude 11.108108, was identified and found to be situated near Tonti Village which is roughly 50km away from Maihula community. Wurkam Forest Reserve is highly degraded with majority of trees cleared for the purpose of Agriculture. It is a reserve with verse land for ACReSAL afforestation project.

“In Gashaka LGA, we took off from Tonti village in Bali LGA to Kwagiri village in Gashaka LGA where Gamgumi Forest Reserve was identified and assessed to be highly degraded hence the need for ACReSAL to intervene and restore

“In Sardauna LGA, three (3) reserve were identified to include; Maisamari, Kwechodawadi in Yelwa and Nguroje Forest Reserves respectively. Maisamari Forest Reserve was found to be in a stable state, Nguroje Forest Reserve need an enrichment intervention, since the vegetation was found to be relatively covered. Kwechodawadi Forest Reserve in Yelwa community was observed to have been clear failed by the community member for timber purpose. This reserve however, has a relatively large land area for ACReSAL afforestation project.

“In Ardo-Kola LGA Bakin Dutse Forest Reserve was identified to be adversely degraded with extensive agricultural activities going on there. The reserve has large land area of closely 200 hectares and need ACReSAL intervention project.

Also, ” a Forest Reserve was identified in zing town. This reserve is small size and need an enrichment intervention project. Monkin Reserve was not access due to bad terrain. By enrichment we mean the reserve need mild afforestation intervention due to its small size and less degradation.

Meanwhile, the ten 10 Local Government Areas toured by the team between the period of 12TH -19TH AUGUST, 20231 include; Wukari, Ibi, Donga, Kurmi, Bali, Gashaka, Sarduna, Ardo-Kola, Zing, Karim Lamido respectively.


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