Allow us to return home, Tiv community cries out in Taraba


Allow us to return home, Tiv community cries out in Taraba

Jethro Yerga, Jalingo

The Tiv community in Wukari Local Government Area of Taraba State has appealed to the new Aku-Uka of Wukari, His Royal Majesty, Manu Ishaku Ada Ali and the Taraba State Governor, Arc Darius Dickson Ishaku to allow them return to their ancestral home lands after three and a half years of communal clash between Tiv and Jukun people of the Area.

The community made the appeal on Monday, during its second courtesy call on the new Aku-Uka in his Palace as part of its proactive measures towards reconciliation in the fight between Tiv and Jukun people of the area.

A cross section of the Tiv Community who was on the courtesy call to the Paramount ruler of the Kwararafa Kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Manu Ishaku Ada Ali.

The Tiv community, in a letter directed to the new Aku – Uka dated 13th June, 2022, signed by their Village Heads, community leaders and the leadership of Tiv cultural and Social Association (TCSA) Wukari Local Government Area, which was read and submitted to the Paramount ruler during the courtesy visit, appealed to the Paramount ruler to use his good office compassionately as a father of both Jukun and Tiv people of the area and allow the return of the Internally Displaced Persons to their ancestral home lands.

They equally called on the Taraba State Governor, His Excellency Architect Darius Dickson Ishaku, to hasten the fulfillment of his Bali declaration that all the indigenous Tiv people of Taraba State affected by crises would be returned to their ancestral homes to enable them resume their normal activities.

The Executive Governor of Taraba State, Arc Darius Dickson Ishaku.

The community which lamented that It is now over three years since they had been in exile as a result of the clash, regretted that they are all children in the same kingdom who had unfortunately, wronged each other and need forgiveness and reconciliation.

“But as a compassionate father, we believed that you will not let your children to continue to linger in the sun. You are our human shelter. You have come to embrace your prodigal children, the lost sheep that you must bring home.

“We know that your priority on the throne in the kingdom is peace. Your Royal Majesty, since our first courtesy call to you on 22nd February, 2022, we did not relent in working for permanent peace in Wukari entirely.

“We constituted a peace committee under the chairmanship of Rev. Joseph U. Ajaver, a retired Pastor of the Christian Reformed Church- Nigeria (CRCN).

“He and the team have toured the entire fourteen Chiefdoms within Wukari Local Government Area to sue for peace. We also appealed to all the Tiv leaders and youths in the kingdom to live peacefully with all the people of the land.

“We the Tiv people are on the part of peace, without which we believed, there will be no progress. Your Royal Majesty, we are indeed very glad that you have come to the throne at a time like this.

“We are indeed very sad over the unfortunate crisis that took place between your subjects, the Tiv and the Jukun. We on our side are very sorry for this unfortunate and ugly situation. We pray that this incident will never happen again in the history of your kingdom.

“We have completely disassociated ourselves with any inhuman acts and seriously put in motion, preventive and proactive measures not to be infiltrated by persons or group of persons engaged or engaging in any criminal and illegal activities disturbing the peaceful co-existence in the entire land.

“You have come to the throne at a very difficult time. The whole country is in chaos. Many of your subjects in the land are in IDP camps. The general political situation is tensed. However, the Almighty God is with you and He will give you success”. Part of the letter reads .

The Tiv Community appreciated all the rulers of the fourteen Chiefdoms in the LGA and their officials for the cordial reception they had accorded them during their tour of the 14 chiefdoms to seek for peace.

His Royal Majesty, Manu Ishaku Ada Ali, the Aku Uka, Wukari

Meanwhile, His Royal Majesty, Manu Ishaku Ada Ali While responding, describes the crisis between Tiv and Jukun as a perennial challenge and appreciated the Tiv Community for the various reconciliatory efforts they are making towards restoring permanent peace in the area.

The Paramount ruler who said he had been thinking about the Displaced Tiv Persons and had been anticipating their coming however, encouraged the Tiv Community to go to the State Government and lay their complain, adding that the power to resettle them rest solely in the hands of the State Government.


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